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Updating nohost the hostname specified

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# abuse - The hostname specified is blocked for update abuse.

# notfqdn - The hostname specified is not a fully-qualified domain name. # 911 - There is a problem or scheduled maintenance on provider side # badagent - The user agent sent bad request(like HTTP method/parameters is not permitted) # badresolv - Failed to connect to because failed to resolve provider address.

For example, the SAS configuration directory and its contents, the SAS installation directory and its contents, user accounts, and third-party software must be identical.

Dynamic DNS allows domain names registered with Euro DNS to be assigned to a computer with a dynamic IP address.

If the unrestricted user has only an external account that is qualified by a local machine name that is changing, you must set up a new account before running the tool.

If you are renaming one or more existing server or middle-tier machines (or renaming a network domain), then you must change the names at the operating system level before you run the Update Host Name References tool.

username=__USERNAME__&password=__PASSWORD__&myip=__MYIP__&hostname=__HOSTNAME__ [OVH] modulepath=Dyn DNS queryurl=com/nic/update? system=dyndns&hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__ [] modulepath=Dyn DNS hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__&system=dyndns&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG [Two] modulepath=Dyn DNS hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__ [No] modulepath=Dyn DNS hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__ [kr] modulepath=Dyn DNS queryurl=kr/ddns/src/update.php? hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__&ddnsuser=__USERNAME__&pwd=__PASSWORD__ [] modulepath=Dyn DNS queryurl= hostname=__HOSTNAME__&system=dyndns [self] modulepath=Dyn DNS hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__ [] modulepath=Dyn DNS queryurl=com/ph/update?

L’aggiornamento di dyn avviene attraverso una chiamata alla porta 80 utilizzando il protocollo HTTP/1.0 oppure HTTP/1.1 Questo vuol dire che il protocollo è perfettamente compatibile con un qualsiasi Browser, ed è possibile testare gli URL di questa pagina direttamente nel proprio browser.

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# badconn - Failed to connect to provider because connection timeout. dn=__HOSTNAME__&pw=__PASSWORD__&ip=__MYIP__ [Change] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/queryurl= modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/dnspod_queryurl= [] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/dnspod_queryurl= [] modulepath=Zoneedit

# [TWNIC] modulepath=TWNIC website= [Variomedia] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/queryurl=https://dyndns.[Cloud NS] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/queryurl=https:// [Google] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/queryurl= [DNSEXIT] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/queryurl= [] modulepath=Dyn DNS host=__HOSTNAME__&dnsto=__MYIP__ [] modulepath=Freedns user=__Freedns SHA1__&host=__HOSTNAME__&address=__MYIP__ [DNS-O-Matic] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/dns_o_queryurl= [RU-CENTER] modulepath=/usr/syno/bin/ddns/ru_queryurl=https://ru/dyndns/update website= [STRATO] modulepath=Dyn DNS

On UNIX, use the cloning tool that is appropriate for your flavor of UNIX.

After the clone is created, verify that the cloned machine is identical to the source machine (except for the machine name).