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In each case the purchaser had paid a sum, either by cheque, bank transfer or cash, into PCL's bank account.

The trial judge certified under section 1(2) of the Criminal Appeal Act 1968 that the case was fit for appeal against conviction and, on the appeal, the appellants contended that, following the decision of the House of Lords in R v Preddy [1996] 2 Cr App R 524, once the timeshare purchasers had, by whatever means, paid monies to PCL which had then been paid into PCL's bank account, such monies had ceased to be property belonging to the purchasers, and had been replaced by a chose in action in the form of a credit balance belonging to PCL, and could not, therefore, have been stolen.

Particle tracing in rotating frames allows for easier modeling of particle motion in rotating machinery, such as mixers and turbomolecular pumps, because the particle trajectories can be computed in a frame of reference that is attached to the moving geometry.

By adding this feature to a model, release-based features will include an option to specify whether the initial particle velocity is defined with respect to the rotating frame or with respect to the inertial (nonrotating) frame.

Additionally, you can define random initial positions for particle releases and visualize particle paths as ribbons.

A new study has uncovered the mysterious processes that gave rise to a bizarrely-shaped plume beneath Iceland.

Scientists estimate the Icelandic mantle plume, which played a major role in the geologic and oceanographic evolution of the region, has about five finger-like appendages extending from its center.

Prosecuting, Karen Saffman told the court that the woman had opened her frosted bathroom window to let the steam out from her shower.

She said that at 7.35am on December 2 ‘the victim was in the shower and had her back to the window’.