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She follows him into a grocery store to watch him from a distance. He drops his sparkly, jewel-encrusted cell phone, which glints much like the ready-to-fuck fireflies that appear later in the film. She then decides to follow her boner, and runs away with the magazine crew.

Initially a researcher in the “Chairborne Division” (as R&A was often called) in Washington D.

“There's not many reasons why I would do that, but that felt important to me,” she said.

Sitting next to Arnold, Lane added, “I needed to be the one that...

To put it simply, the thing that sets the plot of the new movie American Honey into motion is a lady boner.

Minutes into the film, its protagonist, Star (Sasha Lane), a magnetic young woman living in desperate poverty, sees Jake (Shia La Beouf), a crusty, charismatic recruiter in an itinerant magazine-selling crew. She demurs, and returns to her sad life with her rapist guardian.