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With the Lenten season upon us, it seems only fitting to devote this 96th, and my final, column to Easter.

Christmas always falls on December 25, but Easter is quite another matter.

In the 20th century several attempts were made to arrive at a fixed date for Easter, with the Sunday following the second Saturday in April specifically proposed.

While this proposal and others had many supporters, none came to fruition.

First, the date has to be a Sunday because the crucifixion occurred on a Friday and the resurrection on a Sunday.

Second, the New Testament says the crucifixion took place during the Jewish holiday of Passover, which is celebrated for eight days following the first full moon of spring.

Therefore Easter can fall on any Sunday between March 22 and April 25.

That is also why Easter and church holidays leading up to that day, like Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday, are referred to as "moveable feasts."But the Eastern Orthodox churches did not adopt the Gregorian calendar method of determining Easter's date and instead follows the Julian calendar, a solar calendar adopted by Julius Caesar in 45 BC.

Our gal, Alexa of Alexa ZDesigns, did such an AH-mazing job on this design!Easter, the day Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is observed on the first Sunday after the "Pascal Full Moon" (the first full moon of spring) following the spring equinox.That day always occurs on March 21, according to a decree by the early Christian Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A. and the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory in 1582.The date of Easter is thus linked to several astronomical cycles, and it is here that the difficulties arise.The lunar month is currently about 29.53 days long, and the solar year about 365.24 days long.The Greek and Latin Pascha comes from the Hebrew Pesaḥ, “Passover.” The earliest Christians celebrated the Lord’s Passover at the same time as the Jews, during the night of the first (paschal) full moon of the first month of...